Winning after losing two matches “is no small feat” – Peru’s coach

The Peruvians team have faced tough challenges in their World Cup journey, and their manager Ricardo Garcea congratulates his players and fans on great efforts, while Australia’s coach bids farewell.

Garcea was pleased with his team’s final performance at the World Cup saying, “We lost two matches, and we return with a victory, which is no small feat. It’s something bigger in the grand scheme of things, and I want to congratulate my players. I also wanted to recognise all of the fans here in Russia and the people back home.

“Often times you look at the situations and you look at what needs to be done. We had all of this great support from our fans in the stadiums, so we took the defeats really hard,” added Garcea.

Australia’s manager Bert van Marwijk gave his side on the game while also hinting the end of his journey with the Aussie team, “I think all three games we gave good performance, and liked the period of time I worked with these guys. The way they improved, you don’t see that that often at this level. They can learn from good things but also from bad moments.” Van Marwijk points out a key factor in this competition saying, “only at the World Cup it is difficult to make the difference in goals at this level, in all three games we couldn’t really make the difference in goal’s and that’s something this squad misses on this level, and that’s a pity because today when you see the statistics we had 60 percent ball possession and had a lots of chances.” Van Marwijk added, “I heard Denmark played a draw, so even if we won by three or four goals it wouldn’t have mattered, other than the feelings for the players.” The results of today’s Group C matches end with France standing in first with seven points, followed by Denmark with five, after they tied 0-0. Australia is officially out of the fight after today’s defeat, and both teams qualifying will have to wait on tonight’s Group D matches to know who the next challenger will be.

Source: Kuwait News Agency