Yemen gov’t welcomes Saudi statement on recent escalation in Aden

ADEN, The Yemeni government has welcomed the Saudi announced rejection of the recent escalation and course of events in the Yemeni city of Aden and other southern Yemeni governorates.

In a statement aired by the Yemeni News Agency, the government lauded the Kingdom’s support to stability of Yemen and considering any threat to it a threat to the security and stability of the Kingdom.

“We are grateful for the clear and frank supportive stance of the Kingdom to the Yemeni legitimacy represented by President Abdrabbu Mansour Hadi and the Yemeni government.” It also expressed “gratitude for the Kingdom’s continued support and good offices to preserve the Yemeni state, achieve Yemeni people interests and aspirations for security, stability, unity and territorial integrity and counter the coup of terrorist Houthi militias and other terrorist organizations.” The government also acclaimed the Kingdom’s efforts to correct the course of events to ensure that it does not go away from main objectives of the Saudi-led coalition to support legitimacy and to restore focus on facing real enemies represented by the Iranian-backed Houthi militias and the terrorist organizations represented by the so-called Islamic State and Al-Qaeda.

Source: Kuwait News Agency