Yemen’s redeployment coordination commission concludes meeting

ADEN, The Redeployment Coordination Commission (RCC) concluded on Monday its two-day meeting, where they agreed on an effective cease-fire approach, in addition to the redeployment plan in Hodeida city, west of Yemen.

A statement by the committee Head, Lieutenant General Michael Lollesgaard, said that the meeting, which was held aboard a UN ship in the Red Sea in western Yemen, with the participation of the government team, as well as representatives of the Houthi militia, discussed previous agreements on the redeployment plan in accordance with Hodeida accord.

The UN supported both sides, who agreed to enhance the cease-fire initiative that been repeatedly violated lately, he added.

He also said that both sides have agreed on the concept of operations for phases one and two, pointing out that the redeployment awaits orders from the political commands to be implemented.

Lollesgaard stressed that the local authority and security, in addition to financial resources are unfinished subjects that need to be addressed politically.

This is the first joint meeting since mid-February when the government and Houthis gave different interpretations of the Stockholm agreement.

Several international attempts have been made to implement the redeployment plan, which was supposed to begin its first steps at the beginning of January, with all phases to be completed during the same month.

Source: Kuwait News Agency